Face not to scale. For illustrative purposes only.  Face not to scale. For illustrative purposes only.

About the Strip…

Here’s my elevator pitch: That Comic Thing™ is a humor comic, dealing with the hard topics like, Time-travel, talking cookies, and absconding keys. Can you press floor 4 please? Thanks.

I’m Darrel Troxel, the creator of That Comic Thing™. I’ve been a big fan of the “funny pages” ever since I was a kid. I didn’t really think I could actually be a cartoonist but one fateful day, I decided to try his hand at making comics. Some prototypes were made, some construction paper were ruined, but in the end That Comic Thing™ was forged (the blacksmith meaning of forged, not the fraud meaning). Much like Lord of the Rings but a lot less Hobbits, wizards, and evil. Come to think of it, it’s nothing like LOTR.

That Comic Thing™ has been running strong for two years now and there’s no signs of stopping! I’ve really enjoyed hearing the positive comments from fans. Just when I think “This is too dumb”, I get a nice bit of encouragement from you, and it keeps me going. Remember, if you like the comic, please tell a friend. So that friend may tell a (different) friend, and that friend will tell a senator, who will send one of the strips in a inappropriately mass e-mail to all his contacts getting him/her reprimanded (That would be AWESOME).